Flight Training

Learn to fly, starting June 3rd!!  Call Karen at 480-251-1515 for information and scheduling.

Tandem hang glider training flight

Our lessons are structured to take you from zero experience to safely flying on your own in the most efficient way possible. Our training methods are the safest, quickest, and most fun way to learn how to fly a hang glider. Certified, experienced instructors will be by your side through the entire training process keeping you relaxed and focused on your goal of flying.

Basic Lesson Package - $849

Lesson flights with your instructor are all towed up to 2,500 feet above the ground, then you release and glide back to where you took off. Tandem Aero-tow lessons provide you more air time and convenience. Since we take off and land in the same place, we can do multiple lessons (usually 2) during each flying session. During these flights, you will be taught all aspects of flying: controlling the glider on tow, basic flight maneuvers, taking off, and landing.

    The Basic Lesson Package includes:
  • • 7 tandem flight lessons with a certified instructor - Includes a 60 day USHPA.ORG Membership
  • • Ground school covering a wide range of topics to help you become a safe and informed pilot
  • Hang Gliding for Beginner Pilots text book
  • • Flight log book to track your progress

Ticket to Solo Lesson Package - $1699

Experience true "free-flight" by yourself thousands of feet above the beautiful Wisconsin countryside! This lesson package is designed to give the dedicated student the most efficient path towards flying solo.

    The Ticket to Solo Lesson Package includes:
  • • 15 tandem flight lessons with a certified instructor - Includes a year-long USHPA.ORG Membership
  • • In-depth ground school to prepare you for safe solo flying
  • Hang Gliding for Beginner Pilots text book
  • • Flight log book to track your progress
  • • AND - 3 Solo Flights including towing fees and equipment rental

*Most students average roughly 15-20 lessons before they are ready to solo. Additional lessons are available at a discounted rate if needed.

Additional Training Flights - $95 (prerequisite: USHPA Hang rating)

Whether you are a foot launch rated pilot looking to add on an aerotow rating, or already have the rating but need to brush up on your aerotowing skills, we offer individual tandem aerotow training flights for all hang glider pilots.

Dustin Martin hang gliding at Sonora Wings

Solo Aerotow to 2,000 Feet - $25

Solo aerotows are available to rated pilots who hold at least a USHPA Hang II rating with the aerotow (AT) special skill. All equipment including gliders and harnesses are available for rent to students and visiting pilots. Advanced training for Hang III, Hang IV ratings and special skills is also available, please contact us for more details.