Gift Certificates

Give the gift of flight!

Perfect for any occasion, Hang Glide Wisconsin Gift Certificates are available for all of our flights and our media package. Gift Certificates are NOT refundable. Our weight limit is 230 lbs. Our age minimum is 10. Make your selection below and complete your checkout through PayPal. Note: you do not need to register with PayPal to complete purchase. You can also call us anytime and purchase gift certificates over the phone.

Select Discovery Flight - How High?

2k Discovery Flight (2,000 feet) - $169

Our most popular flight, this is the perfect way to experience hang gliding for the first time, and it is definitely an experience you will remember for a lifetime!

3.5k Discovery Flight (3,500 feet) - $249

You will be towed up an extra 1,500 feet above the 2k Flight, almost twice as high. Use the extra altitude to relax and take in the awesome scenery, or have your instructor show you the "roller coaster", (not for the timid, your instructor will guide the glider through series of stalls, dives, climbs, and turns). You definitely want to get this on video!

Mile High Flight (5,280 feet) - $349

This is our highest flight. You and your instructor will be towed up a full mile above the ground to enjoy the spectacular views of the Witewater area. This flight lasts over 30 minutes and climbs to 5,280 feet above the ground! Get ready for an experience you won't soon forget!

Media Package - $45

Share your experience! The media package includes a full length HD video and over 100 high quality photos of your entire flight. Your friends won't believe the breath taking views captured by our high definition camera. All flights are recorded and after the flight if you decide to purchase the media package you will be given the micro-SD card to take home.